Sometimes when we don't know people, they end up in boxes. There's us and then there's them.


What does an artist mean to a community?

Art cannot die. It endures even beyond the passing of its creator. The messages in Prince's music now have a new meaning and these will be messages I will take with me for the rest of life. Why do we mourn artists after their passing? I think it's because we see, read and hear things in their work that are relevant to us or that we relate to. Prince's messages of love, peace and harmony (and also music!) resonate with all of us - or at least it should.


Arthur Rankin, Jr. was an American director, producer and writer, who mostly worked in animation. A part of Rankin/Bass Productions with his partner Jules Bass, he created stop-motion animation features such as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and the 1977 cartoon animation of The Hobbit. He is credited on over 1,000 television programs. (Wikipedia)

In The early 80s, he filmed two films, The Bermuda Depths and The Ivory Ape, in Bermuda, by now his new home. Both are cult film classics. Arthur passed away in Jan 2014 but his work lives on.