Filming in Bermuda is a great experience especially if you've got the right on-island producer. Having someone in Bermuda who knows who to call for a variety of things is important and MMB has the best sources and contact list available. Everything you might need is always a phone call away or just up the road. Need to film in a museum after hours? Check. Need to get on a dive boat for underwater shots? Check. Need to interview the highest levels within Government? Check. We can also find you everything from additional crew (DPs, sound, hair/make-up, catering, etc) to transport. One thing to consider before flying to Bermuda is that Bermuda doesn't have a dedicated equipment house so we pool equipment from different suppliers or freelancers. It's best to investigate what is available here per your needs and go from there.

You don't need filming permits to film anywhere in Bermuda but you will need to hire a local production person (according to Immigration policy) and you'll need temporary work permits for all of your crew and talent and Customs clearance on all the equipment you plan to bring. Work permits take about 10 working days to process so factor in a few more days to gather all your information before beginning the application. It can be a little cumbersome but when you do arrive, your equipment will have to be vetted by a Customs agent so that it matches the list you have provided prior to landing. On your departure all the equipment will have to be presented again to make sure nothing is left behind. Work permits and Customs clearance all require fees to be paid to whoever is handling your paperwork. We can facilitate all these functions for you before you land.

MMB facilitated work permits and Customs clearance for the video below for VICE/Noisey.


The Bermuda Tourism Authority is the official film commission in Bermuda. If you are doing work for or on behalf of the Bermuda Tourism Authority, they may also deal with all of your paperwork.

Where is Bermuda?

And in case you didn't know, Bermuda is quite close - 2 hours from NYC, 2.5 hours from Boston, 3 hours from Toronto & Miami and 6 hours from London. Perfect for a shoot in the most beautiful location on Earth.