Method Media Bermuda was started in 2011 by producer Milton Raposo. Feeling stagnant while working on material that was limited in scope and content, out of necessity he branched out and created a production house that embodied everything he loves about the industry: stories, and in particular, stories that you might not know about. Bermuda is full of them and that's why the tag line is "Tell The Whole Story". MMB believes that film-making should begin with the heart & the head and not just be an instrument of commerce. 

MMB has produced video content on a range of clients and topics; everything from Bermuda's new hospital project, the last three Bermuda election year campaigns, tourism campaigns, the oceanic Exclusive Economic Zone, international sports and much more.

On the flip side, MMB has produced a wide range of short creative films about declining shark populations, heroin addiction in Bermuda, history and biography films. With this in mind, the in-house series BDA EVRYDY was created so that enlightening stories about Bermuda and her people could be shown. Our most recent in-house project was Hometown Hero, a film about the Minneapolis reaction to the passing of music icon Prince.

The hunt is always on for a story to tell.

So who is MMB? 

Method Media Bermuda is me, Milton Raposo. I've always had the habit of getting involved in all sorts. I co-founded the environmental charity Greenrock in 2005 and served as its VP for two years and then sat on the first management committee of the Bermuda Environmental and Sustainability Taskforce (BEST). I'm a former vice chair of both the Bermuda Arts Council and The Chewstick Foundation. Currently, I'm a decade-plus member of the Heritage Advisory Council for the Bermuda Government, treasurer of the Neil Burnie Foundation and Bermuda Society of Arts board member.

I play a little keyboards with numerous bands but most notably with Joy T. Barnum and the Chewstick House Band. We've opened up for Lykke Li, Toni Braxton, Langhorne Slim and others.

My favourite movie is The Wizard Of Oz for many reasons but mostly because it embodies eight film genres into one piece: action/adventure, comedy, horror, musical, science fiction, fantasy, drama, and western.