35th AmeRICA's Cup


The 35th America's Cup will be held in Bermuda in May and June 2017. Leading up to the qualifying World's Series events in October 2015, up to 70 news and media organisations were in Bermuda and MMB provided liaison support for news agencies and production companies, both international and Bermuda based.

In preparation for the Main Event in 2017, we continue to work with various entities like magazines, fashion & sports wear designers, team sponsors and various other production companies. We have also built a working relationship with Team Oracle and Team Japan - we're still working on Artemis :) 

We also provided production services for companies looking for video content. Let us know if you're looking for any support or production work done. We have a team of fixers but we can provide shooters/editors, production co-ordinators, additional crew, admin support. Or just ask!

We worked with Sperry on a series of AC video as the local production manager for Sperry on a series of videos. We also provided video and stills.